Where does $150 translate into more votes? In New Orleans? Or in Guasdualito?

Los votantes de New Orleans… y otros lugares.

Caracas Chronicles

Be forewarned, gentle reader: I come to bury the Mayamero voter in New Orleans, not to praise him.

By now, you’ve probably heard the story: in one of its upteen zillion dirty tricks, the National Electoral Council shut down voting at Venezuela’s consulate in Miami, in a move to disenfranche tens of thousands of almost-entirely anti-chavista voters. It was a galling maneuver, nobody doubts that, and part of a sustained pattern of CNE ventajismo.

So far, so agreed.

Since the decision came into effect, the opposition’s favorite folk has been a motley crew of Miami die-hards who’ve decided to call CNE’s bluff, bussing themselves hundreds of miles to their new appointed polling station, in largely venezolano-free New Orleans.

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