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beethoven activate

beethoven activate


Cristo murió por los hombres, precisamen

Cristo murió por los hombres, precisamente porque no vale la pena morir por ellos, para que se salven.

Maduro, idólatra, falta de respeto e ign

Maduro, idólatra, falta de respeto e ignorante, comparando la muerte de Chávez con Cristo. Nadie podrá igualar jamás al rey de reyes!!!

ser feliz, la alegría, la felicidad, el

ser feliz, la alegría, la felicidad, el éxito; son el resultado de tomar la decisión de ser así. No importa nada, decide ser feliz y listo.

In the beginning

I decided to start something and where it is. A web site and a blog, who have some time in the course I do not want to talk about how important it is and its benefits, it’s just a matter of moving on to better things. And that’s the idea. This page is to write, read, comment, discuss, invent, create, critique, buy, sell. So get to work.

En el principio

Decidí algo y comenzar por donde es. Una página propia, además de un blog. No me interesa hablar de lo importante que es eso y sus beneficios, es sólo de una cuestión de moverse hacia cosas mejores. Y esa es la idea. Esta página es para escribir, leer, comentar, dialogar, inventar, crear, criticar, comprar, vender. Así que manos a la obra.

Have you ever been a part of a team that doesn’t seem to get anything accomplished? Where the team may work and work, but nothing actually gets done? If so, you’ve probably been on a team that lacked vision. Vision works like a rudder on a shi

Teamwork and vision go hand in hand


#iphoneonly – Public bridleway under Autumn fog, near Sandon, Hertfordshire.


We are sad to report that Cal Whipple, a former LIFE correspondent, died on March 17th at the age of 94. Whipple played a huge role in getting this groundbreaking photograph of three dead American soldiers published in LIFE magazine — a fight he took all the way to the White House.

The New York Times writes:

Mr. Whipple and his colleagues at Life believed that Mr. Strock’s photograph would provide a badly needed dose of reality for those on the home front who were growing complacent about the war effort. “I went from Army captain to major to colonel to general,” he recalled in a memoir written for his family, “until I wound up in the office of an assistant secretary of the Air Corps, who decided, ‘This has to go to the White House.’ ”

(via NYTimes)

(George Strock—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)